Hi there! we are nadia and lorenzo

Nadia is from Uruguay, Lorenzo is from Italy. We now live in Seattle. 

We got married in 2010 in Milano, Italy, and that’s when our journey started. Two hyperactive souls, driven by curiosity, growth and enthusiasm for living an incredible life. Our passion for travel is the tie that binds, fueled by mutual admiration. Though we come from two radically different cultures, countries and experiences we share our mutual passion for exploration, adventure, design and story telling.

Nadia has a degree in Marketing and Communication. She started her career as Insurance Agent in Uruguay before moving to Milano to say “I do!”. She is the adventurous, passionate, creative half of our whole, bringing inspiration to our daily life. Her passions are design and content creation, which, for Nadia, is just like breathing.

Lorenzo is a Software Engineer working in the tech industry; as such, he is a geek with a pragmatic, programmatic mind. He is a fitness addict and loves to try new things. Lorenzo will try anything once and regularly snowboards, sails, plays futbol and cooks.

Together we dream big and document online our passion for pursuing an extraordinary life. We don’t focus on the destination, we are here to enjoy the journey. Come with us!

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